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ANTH 151 emerging humanity

ANTH 220 quantitative reasoning for anthropologists

ANTH 325 origins of cities

ANTH 369 household archaeology

ANTH 380 archaeological lab techniques

ANTH 382 archaeological interpretation (how archaeology works)

ANTH 451 decolonizing anthropology through South Africa (co-taught with Prof. Eirik Saethre)

ANTH 462 east asian archaeology

ANTH 466 quantitative archaeology

ANTH 471 field mapping

ANTH 473 lithic artifact assemblage analysis

ANTH 477 spatial analysis

ANTH 603 archaeology (graduate core course)

ANTH 640B regional settlement, community patterning, and demography

ANTH 651 decolonizing anthropology (co-taught with Prof. Eirik Saethre)

ANTH 666 archaeological data analysis

ANTH 669 advanced household archaeology

ANTH 750B chiefdomization